The 7th China International Robot exhibition




The 7th China International Robot exhibition simulation robot said crosstalk


On July 4, the highly simulated robot was talking crosstalk to attract visitors. On the same day, CIROS2018 the 7th China International Robot exhibition opened in shanghai                   


A girl is shaking hand and talking with a robot.



On July 4, CIROS2018 the 7th China International Robot exhibition opened in shanghai. The theme of this exhibition is “integration, sharing and win-win”. More than 500 enterprises from 13 countries and regions attended this exhibition. They are robot noumenon manufactures, automation system integrations, component supplies, software application control manufactures, vision and intelligent factory equipment enterprises as well as service robot enterprises.


4日, 一款能作画的小型轻负载机器人亮相CIROS20187届中国国际机器人展览会,吸引了许多参观者驻足。这款机器人高速且高精度,臂展为0.6米,重4公斤。需要画像的观众在拍照后可通过电脑传输至机器人的控制器,仅需不到2分钟画像即可生成。

On July 4, a small light-duty robot capable of painting was unveiled in CIROS2018 at the 7th session of the international robot exhibition attracted many visitor to stop. This robot is fast and high accurate. It’s arm span is 0.6 meters and it weighs 4 kilograms. The viewer in need of the portrait can be transferred to the computer after taking the controller of the controller can be generated in less than 2 minutes.